All our Hairdressers are qualified to a minimum of NVQ level 2, meaning that they are all more than accomplished to cut Ladies, Gents & Children, Colour, Blow Dry and offer Chemical Services.

All hairdressers have also attended additional courses to enhance their knowledge on new techniques and trends. They have all also attended various courses depending on the areas that they have chosen to have specialist knowledge in.

We have given you a brief overview of each team member, should you wish to know more please give us a call.



Senior Stylist/Senior Technician

I completed my apprenticeship with Honeys, many years ago, and now, I’m an Independent Contractor, which I love.

I have got three children, who seem to take up lots of my time and energy, rushing from football to majorettes and then back again! My passion has always been Hairdressing and now I get to have “my time” doing something that I love.

Now, I am back working, I have chosen to be an Independent Contractor, but choose to work with the team, as they inspire me and I can inspire them too. I love precision cutting, which seems a dying art, with so many hairdressers chipping into hair left, right and centre.

I believe my character is perfect for a colourist, as my precise application goes hand in glove with my cuts. I have developed a passion for colour and I’m definitely a perfectionist with my application, which in turn creates fabulous results. Colour techniques are constantly evolving and I love to keep up to date with the latest trends, attending courses including, Balayage and numerous with Loreal, which enables me to use the right technique for the desired result and to find or make the right colour for you.

A great cut looks even better, when colour is used to accentuate movement or texture, or define the shape and as I’m one of those people who likes to get things right, I will listen, absorb and then communicate,  to create an overall style that works for you, your hair and your lifestyle.

I also have a passion for training the next generation of stylists, so don’t be surprised if you see me training the apprentices on a Thursday morning.



Stylist / Colour Technician

I joined the team at Honeys as an Independent Contractor in August 2023 and I’m loving every minute of it! What an amazing team of Independent Contractors, to become a part of.

I started my “hair” journey when I left school, training within a local salon, then I left Hairdressing after the Covid thing, but quickly realised just how much I really missed making other people feel great about themselves.

Having been hairdressing for over 10 years, I found that I love to be creative and learn new things. I have an eye for perfection and the devil is within the detail, unfortunately for my family, as this drives them all mad!

Hairdressing and everything hair is my absolute passion. I have booked lots of courses to refresh anything that I missed out on during my crazy Covid break, the latest course that I attended was a Balayage Course, in December 2023, which really inspired me to try new techniques, I’m absolutely loving the results and so are my clients.

Keep an eye on our social media for my latest transformations and exciting updates.

I look forward to meeting you, if I haven’t already.



Junior Stylist / Junior Technician

Sal / Sally is also one of our home-grown stylists, who came into hairdressing later in life! I am also the salon owner, its a crazy story of how I came into this industry, but it has shaped the person that I am today, and I absolutely love every minute of it.

Zoe has been my main trainer, so a massive credit to her, she must have the patience of a saint! She has taught me so much over the years and I can now say that my colour knowledge is amazing. I love to inspire you with different choices of colours and I’m a pro at creating a unique colour for you.

I have completed various courses including, a Balayage Course, which was inspirational, various Hair Up courses and an amazing cutting course at Vidal Sassoon. Precision, precision, precision, what more is there to say?

I have also trained in Keratin blow dries, which promotes your hairs’ health and reduces frizz.

More courses to come, there’s so much to continually learn and I’m loving it.



Trainee Stylist & Trainee Technician

Ella started off as our Saturday girl and has now become one of our Apprentices. What a difference a few years make.

Ella is now in her 3rd year and is progressing rapidly, she has qualified at level 2 and is now progressing into her advanced training.

Ella is a colour queen, she has attended a Balayage course, which she loved and she is passionate about all colours from vidids to classics. 

Ella has become an incredibly valuable member of our team, she has really developed over the last two years and her progression has been truly amazing. Ella is building her cliental, working towards running a full day of clients. She will often answer your calls to make your next appointments and is always smiling around the salon.

Ella is still looking for restyle cutting models to help her progress with the final bit of her training, so if you would like to help Ella by becoming one of her models, please contact us on 01823 325700 or email us at

We are looking forward to watching Ella grow into our next Graduate Stylist.




Milly is one of our Apprentices, she came to us from Suffolk and has already completed part of her Level 2 training.

She has just started her foil training on clients, after having to complete approximately 100 full heads of foils on a “block head”, putting in over 70 foils in under an hour each time. Poor Betty, I think that she has has a rough time over the last several months, however, she has recently been very happy, so we can’t wait for Milly to have her first clients, to put all that practice into reality.

If you would like to help Milly with her foil training, by being a model, please contact the salon on 01823 325700 or email us at

Milly is also doing her cutting training, so is always looking for models to help her progress, if you would like to help Milly, by becoming one of her models, please contact us on 01823 325700 or email us at

We are looking forward to watching Milly progress through her training.



Hannah is one of our Apprentices, she has just started her level 2 training .

She has just started her foil training on a block, she will have to complete approximately 100 full heads of foils on a “block head”, putting in over 70 foils in under an hour each time. Poor Barbara, she has a long journey ahead of her!

Hannah is also doing her cutting training, and is always looking for models to help her progress, if you would like to help Hannah, by becoming one of her models, please contact us on 01823 325700 or email us at

We are looking forward to watching Hannah progress through her training.



Saturday Girl

Maddison is our Saturday girl and she is starting to learn what it would be like if she chooses Hairdressing as a career, when she finishes school.

Maddison is helping us keep the salon clean and tidy and also gets some time to be creative on the “block heads”, be it practicing a hair up, setting or foiling, “Shelia”, her current block head, is very patient!

We enjoy having Maddison as part of our team and will update you, when the time comes, if she decides that this the career for her.