Hair Cutting & Styling

Hair Cutting & Styling has evolved over the years, gone are the days of getting your hair “wetted down” and having a quick trim!

Lots of us now look to the latest hair trends in magazines, on celebrities and on the big screen leaving us all wanting to stay ahead of the game. However, just like the latest fashions might not be suitable for all shapes and sizes, the same can be said for the latest fashions when it comes to haircuts and hairstyles.

Achieving the best haircuts and hairstyle comes with knowing your client’s needs, personality and lifestyle. Every client starts their journey towards the perfect haircut with a relaxed and informal chat. After the client has talked through their desired haircut and hairstyle and had the benefit of our professional advice, their hairstyle is transformed and vision accomplished.

We understand how a great hairstyle can change the way you look and feel, so we discuss every stage with you to achieve the best style possible.

Ladies Cutting

Hair cutting has become about using lots of different techniques depending on the result that you wish to achieve, combined with the texture of hair that you are working with.
Most of the basics of the cut are still done when the hair is wet, however the detail is mainly completed once the hair has been Blow Dried, enabling your hairdresser to ensure that your hair is “sitting” where it should be and allows movement to flow effortlessly or structure to be held perfectly.

Your choice of hair cut and style will depend on so many factors; lifestyle, maintenance, face shape, hair texture and length but to name a few. The key is in the consultation and we offer all of our clients a full consultation along with visual aids to ensure that both you and your hairdresser have the same vision.

Gents Cutting

Gents cutting has moved on in so many ways over the years. The “buzz cut” is still around, but  nowadays lots of gents are looking for more of a style and a bit more pampering. We shampoo and style all our gent’s cuts to allow us to create a style for you.

The classic short back and sides has evolved into twists on that traditional shape and now we have cuts such as tapered and faded, the “High & Tight” and the “Comb Over Fade”.

The Undercut and Asymmetrical cuts offer a little more “rock & roll” than most gents hair styles are and  have an element of risk and reward for those daring enough to try!

Children’s Cutting

Children’s cuts are carried out as a sprayed down cut and dried off.

It’s a complete art to cut a child’s hair, the main art in being able to get them to sit still enough to finish the cut!

Ladies Blow Dry

Creating the perfect Blow Dry is a skill, and so hard to achieve at home. We have lots of tools and products to help us achieve your desired look and will work with your haircut to create that perfect blow dry for every occasion from an interview to a date night, or just because you fancy a spruce up!

Hair Up Dos

Updos are perfect for a prom, special night out or any occasion. Your updo should highlight your character and match all the elements of your look, including your dress, accessories and your make up.

You don’t have to have long hair for an updo; lots of updos can be created with shorter hair styles or the introduction of hair pieces.

There are so many choices depending on whether you desire sleek or messy and all styles can be adapted to suit you and your event including chignons, braids, twists, top knots and beehives but to name a few. The introduction of embellishments or a classy tiara can finish off your updo perfectly.

Wedding Hair

This is the most special day of your life and we want you to feel like a princess.

We always like to have a wedding hair updo trial as sometimes what you think you like might not suit you or your dress. We will discuss your precise requirements and try out initial ideas which will then be photographed.

This experience will help you assess the perfect look for your bone structure, personality, and colouring to harmonise with your wedding dress or outfit.