There are several different types of hair colours and it can become a bit confusing to know what to ask for when you book an appointment so we have listed an overview of different colouring techniques below to assist you.

We only use professional products and always follow manufacturers instructions.

Should you have any additional queries please contact us.

High / Low Lighting

This is usually done in foils. A section of hair is selected and then placed into a foil, colour is then applied to that section of hair. This process is repeated numerous times to reflect the service that you have chosen. You can choose one or more colours depending on the result you wish to achieve.

Full Head

Foils are evenly placed throughout the whole head to create a high or low lighted effect.

Perfect for:

  • A natural looking colour change
  • Introducing a lot of a colour or colours
  • Maintenance of a multi tonal colour
  • To blend grey throughout the whole head so that it looks like natural high lights
  • People who wear their hair up regularly
  • For previously all over coloured hair that now desire a slightly lighter multi tonal look (for a more dramatic change, please see colour correction)

Half Head

Foils are place on the top half of the head or evenly placed throughout the head to create a high or low lighted effect.

Perfect for:

  • Introducing a reasonable amount of a colour or colours
  • Maintenance of a multi tonal colour
  • For an in between service, alternating with full head foils

T- Section

Foils are placed ear to ear and through the parting.

Perfect for:

  • Maintenance of a multi tonal colour
  • For an in between service, alternating with full head foils


Foils are placed though the parting or can be applied in small block to create a flash of colour.

Perfect for:

  • A quick fix for someone who doesn’t have much time but needs to cover their re growth.
  • Introducing a small amount of a contrasting colour

Comb on Colour 

This technique creates a high / low lighted effect on short hair and is the modern version of cap lights.

Perfect for:

  • Gents
  • Short ladies’ styles
  • One or more colours

All Over Colours

There are various types of all over colour depending on your needs, whether it is to create a fashionable shade or to cover grey. The colour is applied to the scalp and the result is the same colour from root to tip of the hair.

Please note: – all of these services require you to have a patch test 24 hours prior to any application.

Full Head Tint

This is a permanent colour that grows out. The colour is applied at the roots and taken through to the ends. Please note: – this service is not suitable to lighten an all over previously coloured dark colour, please see colour correction.

Perfect for:

  • A permanent lightening or darkening a natural hair colour
  • To give 100% coverage to grey hair, 1st application
  • To change previously coloured hair to an all over darker colour
  • Your first visit to us for an all over colour

Roots and Refresh

This is a permanent colour that grows out, the colour is applied on the uncoloured hair and then is taken through to the ends to re introduce any tone that has faded from the Full Head Tint colour application.

Perfect for:

  • A second visit to us for the same all over colour
  • To give 100% coverage to grey hair as a maintenance application


This is a non-lift permanent and is applied at the roots and taken through to the ends. It will last for approximately 20 – 30 shampoos. Please note: – it is not suitable to lighten your natural hair, please see global.

Perfect for:

  • Adding or changing tone to natural hair
  • To give a blending effect for grey hair


This is a non lift temporary hair colour. It can be used to add or change tone but does not lighten or cover grey. It will last for approximately 4 – 10 shampoos.

Perfect for:

  • Adding shine to your natural hair colour
  • Adding shine to coloured hair
  • Adding or refreshing tone to a colour


This a non lift temporary hair colour that is used to neutralise unwanted tones or to add desired tones.

Perfect for:

  • Removing yellow / gold tones from highlighted hair
  • Refreshing a tone to darker hair colours

Fashion Colours

This is a mix of high / low lights with an all over colour application between the foils or an all over colour of more than one colour.

Perfect for:

  • Those who want to create a fashionable look rather than a natural look
  • Want a flash of a contrasting colour whilst also having the remaining hair coloured
  • For those who want an ombre or balayage but also need their root colour changed.


This is a more natural fade of 2 colours than an ombre. This technique has a definite distinction between the two colours used but it starts higher on the hair and it is far more blended than an ombre.

Perfect for:

  • Those who are happy with their root colour and want the definite distinction of 2 colours in a blended look.

Colour Correction

This is a complex area and always requires a consultation a minimum of 48 hours prior to the service. It is most commonly used to remove a dark colour to achieve a lighter colour. Depending on the length of your hair, the current colour and numerous other factors this process may have to be repeated over a period of time to achieve your desired result.

Colour correction requires another colour service, this is purely either the removal of an existing dark colour or an addition of colour prior to your chosen service. i.e. Full head High / low lights

Please note: It is not possible to go from black to blonde in one service without you taking your hair home in a carrier bag!

Colour Correction – This is only part of a process to achieve a very dramatic colour change from either light to dark or from dark to light.

Perfect for:

  • Removal of home colours that have gone wrong
  • Removing a very dark / black colour to a mid-brown colour
  • Part of a gradual process to remove a very dark colour to eventually becoming a blonde
  • To add a base to enable a change from a bleach blonde to a dark colour