Hair Removal & Waxing

Waxing is a system that we use to remove any unwanted hair. We use various different types of wax and techniques depending on the service that you require. Waxing is an efficient way to remove hair and last for approximately 2-3 weeks for facial hair and 4 – 6 for body hair. Unlike shaving or creams, the hair is removed from the root and this ensures that when the hair re-grows it is a single hair from each follicle, unlike shaving or creams which encourage more than one hair to grow from each follicle. Waxing will maintain natural hair growth and over a period of time the majority of people notice a dramatic reduction in hair growth.

Hormonal hair growth is very common. It is usually on the face and generally appears at any time from your 30’s onwards, it can easily be removed by waxing, however as it is produced because of hormones it will not reduce over a period of time from waxing… Shame on those hormones!