Hair Extensions

Beauty Works is one of the most popular hair extension brands worn by a lot of celebrities due to the quality of the hair. They offer over 40 gorgeous shades to find the perfect match for your hair. We will be offering individual hair extensions, such as: nano bonds and micro bonds.

A free consultation is required before each appointment, to colour match and decide which method would be most suitable for you.

If you wish to proceed, a deposit is required before your fitting appointment, to secure your appointment and the cost of the hair. We strongly recommend a beauty works sulphate free shampoo and conditioner or a mask to keep your hair in the best possible condition. We will not take any responsibility for extensions falling out or losing their condition if these products are not purchased.

Nano/Micro Rings

With each method, the hair is reusable. No or glue heat is applied during application. A maintenance appointment is required every 8-10 weeks to move your extensions back up closer to your root.

The hair extensions should last you up to 12 months with the correct aftercare and products.

Before having your extensions fitted

Please make sure you haven’t had your hair just cut as this makes it harder to blend in your natural hair with your extensions. Please ensure your hair is freshly washed using only shampoo and no other products.

After having your extensions fitted

For the first few days, they can feel slightly uncomfortable whilst your scalp adjusts to having extensions, but this settles. Please do not wash your hair for the first 3 days to allow the extensions to settle with your scalp. Make sure you always sleep with your hair in a plait or in a low ponytail to prevent your hair knotting and keeping your bonds individual.

When washing your hair please ensure it is completed dry and never go to bed with your hair wet.