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All our Hairdressers are qualified to a minimum of NVQ level 2, meaning that they are all more than accomplished to cut Ladies, Gents & Children, Colour, Blow Dry and offer Chemical Services.

All hairdressers have also attended additional courses to enhance their knowledge on new techniques and trends. They have all also attended various courses depending on the areas that they have chosen to have specialist knowledge in.

We have given you a brief overview of each team member, should you wish to know more please give us a call. 

Rosie - Creative Stylist/Technical Director

Rosie has taken a year out to concentrate on her final year of her degree.

Rosie is a very easy going hairdresser who creates a relaxing environment whilst she gets to work with her precision styles that will make you feel wonderful. The exactness of her work enables her to create up to date gents styles that are top class. Rosie is more fondly known amongst her peers as the Blow Dry Queen, her Blow Drys are absolutely fabulous and I would even go so far as to defy anyone to do a better long hair Blow Dry in Somerset.

Charlotte - Creative Stylist/Technical Director

Charlotte has come to us from the Cotswolds, bringing with her a wealth of 20 years’ experience. She is a cutting specialist and has attended various advanced cutting courses and is the proud owner of cutting degrees from both Paul Mitchell and Tigi. Charlotte is one of our in-house trainers for our advanced cutting sessions. She has a passion for bridal hair. She has also attended an advanced colouring course held by Terry Longdon in conjunction with Matrix.

Zoe - Senior Stylist/Senior Technician

Zoe is one of our home-grown stylists who has developed a passion for colour, she is a perfectionist with her application which in turn creates fabulous results.  Zoe has attended numerous courses with Loreal, which enables her to find or make the right colour for you.

She listens, absorbs and then communicates effectively to create an overall style that works for you, your hair and your lifestyle, both with her cuts and her colours.

Zoe is also one of our in-house trainers.

Liv – Junior Stylist/Technician

Liv is also one of our home-grown stylists, who was trained in colour by Zoe, she has been inspired and developed the same passion for colour as Zoe. Livs’ application is flawless which creates amazing results. Liv is also one of our balayage queens and loves to inspire you with choices of colours, from dreamy blondes to vibrant purples.

Liv is nearly at the end of completing her Level 3 Hairdressing qualification, she has completed her advanced colour training and has nearly completed her advanced cutting training.

She has also trained in Keratin blow dries, which promotes your hairs’ health and reduces frizz.

Sal – Junior Stylist/ Newly Qualified Technician

Sal / Sally is also one of our home-grown stylists, who was trained in colour by Zoe and Liv, her colour knowledge is amazing and now she is working on improving her speed. Sal loves to inspire you with choices of different colours and is a pro at creating a unique colour for you.

Sal is doing her advanced cutting training and would love to welcome any clients that fancy a dramatic change to attend one of our advanced training sessions.

Sal has also trained in Keratin blow dries, which promotes your hairs’ health and reduces frizz.

Alicia - Graduate Stylist

Alicia is currently doing her level 2 hairdressing apprenticeship and is progressing with astounding speed. She has now completed her foiling training and is ready to start looking after you. She is precise with her application, she just needs a little bit of help with her consultation and colour choice, and she may take a little longer than the qualified stylists.

Alicia is still looking for cutting models to help her progress in her training, so if you would like to help Alicia, please contact us on 01823 325700 to book an appointment.

Caitlin - Saturday Girl

Caitlin has joined our team to help us through those busy times, she is a happy girl who is always smiling and on hand if you would like a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Ella - Saturday Girl

Ella is our newest team member and has joined our team as a Saturday girl, to see if this is the career for her. Ella is going to be passing up foils to the stylists and watching what we all do. She is a happy girl, who is a delight to have around and will also be on hand if you would like a nice cup of tea or coffee. 

Watch this space to see if she becomes our new Apprentice.